Okay, I was wrong.

September 19, 2010 at 5:57 PM 2 comments

As you know, I have been trying to be frugal lately.  I rarely go shopping at the mall these days but, I wanted to go shopping this weekend.  My mom had just recovered from surgery so I thought it would be great to invite her to go with me. I anticipated having a leisurely lunch followed by some shopping.  The day looked bright!

After calling my mom and making plans, I started getting ready for the day.  I took my shower, conditioned my hair, and picked out a cute (but comfortable) outfit.  I even WORE MAKE-UP.  That is truly getting ready for me.  I was ready to do some hard core shopping and relaxing with my mom.

Apparently, my ten year old had the same idea.  He made good use of the time I had used getting ready. While I was getting ready, he called my mom and asked her if he could tag along on our shopping trip.  Of course, my mother couldn’t say no to her grandson. Sooo, Jesse got ready himself.  When I walked down the stairs to leave, Jesse informed me that he was going also!  All I could think was – There goes my relaxing day.  I could have put my foot down and said that he couldn’t go but, when I looked in his sweet blue eyes, I couldn’t say no (even though I knew my day would probably be shot).

Let me preface by saying, I adore my son.  He is incredible but I cannot get anything done when I shop with him.  I can’t even get grocery shopping done when either one of my boys are with me.  They want me to buy and look at everything.  When either is with me, it takes hours to do something that should take 30 minutes. Knowing all of that, I set out to pick up my mom.

After talking to my mom for five seconds, I realize Jesse had been fooling both my mom and me.  My mom thought I wanted Jesse to go shopping with us and I thought my mom wanted him to go shopping with us.  He played us.  What else is new!

Needless to say, Jesse had strong opinions as to where we should eat.  Luckily, we both liked his choice.  After a great lunch we headed to the mall.

Long story short, all three of us had a great time. I adore my son and after the absolutely adorable stuff he did and said, I didn’t care that I found absolutely nothing and I got absolutely nothing done. He is wonderful, and some of the reasons why are listed below:

  • When my mom tried on a cute sweater while shopping, Jesse said that she looked beautiful and the sweater made her look 10 years younger.  This caused some Awww’s from those around us.
  • In an effort to find me some pants on sale, Jesse goes to a 70% off rack and calls across the store, “Here are some pants on sale mom!  What size do you wear again?” Needless to say, many people around us laughed.
  • Jesse picks up a fuzzy vest and says, “Mom, look at this ugly vest.  I don’t know any women who would wear it except, maybe,  a Swedish supermodel”. Clerks around us snicker and think he is adorable – because he is!

My mom and I could not stop laughing all day.  Without even trying, Jesse made us laugh and almost cry throughout the day.  He showed us things that he thought would be cute on us.  Forget the fact that most of the things he brought to us were either sequined, backless, camo, see-through or spandex.  He was trying and it was so sweet!

Like I said, when I found out Jesse was going shopping with us, I thought my day was shot but, instead, it was a blast.  I admit it. I was wrong.


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  • 1. Paula  |  September 20, 2010 at 10:07 AM


  • 2. stashun  |  September 20, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Awww.. is right. It was just so sweet. Jesse said he can’t wait until he has a wife that he can take shopping. I don’t know if I should be happy or worried! Ha Ha!


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