How do I love thee?

August 12, 2010 at 11:32 PM 2 comments

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…..

  • I  love when you laugh at my jokes.
  • I  love that you let me be me – cranky, silly, passionate, and serious etc.
  • I  love that you cook for me and you put your love in every part of every meal.
  • I  love when you bring me things before I even know I need them.
  • I  love that you ask to turn on the ceiling fan.
  • I  love that you can take care of your boys as well as I can.
  • I  love that you can take care of your boys better than any other man can take care of their kids.
  • I  love when you mow the lawn.
  • I love that you “get” me.
  • I  love when I say, “I am tired” and you tell me to go to bed and rest.
  • I  love when you tell me to go visit with my family.
  • I  love when you say “Heeeeyyyyyy”.
  • I  love when you apologize.
  • I  love when you hug me every time you see me.
  • I  love when you sweetly wake me up when I oversleep.
  • I  love when you surprise me when I am doing something.
  • I  love when you block me with your fake karate chops.
  • I  love when you wear your yard work turban.
  • I love when you make up songs.
  • I love when you sing.
  • I love when you play a show!!
  • I  love that you really listen to me.
  • I love when you look at me when I descend the stairs.
  • I  love that you take care of the things I hate to do.
  • I  love that you will watch a chick flick with me.
  • I  love that you don’t love football.
  • I  love that you are not obsessed with video games.
  • I  love that you are not obsessed with “gentlemen clubs” and “special websites”.
  • I  love that you support me in anything and everything I want for our family.
  • I  love that you support me in anything and everything I need to do for me.
  • I  love when you smile and raise your eyebrows.
  • I  love that you respect and cherish me.
  • I  love that you are patient with me.
  • I  love when you act surprised when you get the check at a restaurant.
  • I  love that the boys now act surprised when they get the check at a restaurant.
  • I love that you still hold my hand.
  • I love that you wash and clean my car.
  • I  love that work hard at your job for us.
  • I  love that you work hard so I may someday stay home.
  • I  love that you are a phenomenal father and you show your boys how to be a fantastic husband.
  • I  love that you will do anything for me and your family.
  • I  love that you trust and take care of me.
  • I  love love love everything about you (your smell, your face, you voice, your hands – everything)
  • I love that you still love me after all these years!

Whew!  That isn’t even the half of it but I must stop for now!  I LOVE YOU DOC!!


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Jesse looking perfect Hey, a squirrel!

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  • 1. Berthine  |  August 12, 2010 at 11:41 PM

    awwww… this is so sweet. It’s the little things like this that makes me fall in love with my Fiance all over again. This was so sweet and I hope Doc knows that he is loved! 🙂

  • 2. Doc  |  August 13, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    You make it easy to be this way. I love you, too!


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