I only have 24 hours!

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As mother can attest, 24 hours a day aren’t enough time in a day to get everything done.  I am amazed at those people who have clean homes that they actually live in.  You know those people whose houses are clean no matter when you come over?  These same people have their children in 3 activities each and they are able to hold down a full-time job and feed their family food that doesn’t come from one of the major fast food joints in the area.  I, on the other hand, seem to only get a measly few things done in my 24 hour day.  Here is an example of what I should do and some of what I actually do in a day.

  • Wake up at a decent hour without hitting the snooze bar more that 20 times
  • Work out for at least 30 minutes (yeah right, this is the first thing I cut from my routine)
  • Let Leroy out and wait ten minutes for him to decide it isn’t beneath him to walk onto the lawn and relieve himself.
  • Take my vitamins so I am not a total zombie and/or jerk at work.
  • Quick shower
  • Shave my legs if I have time (2nd thing I cut figuratively and literally)!
  • Slap on some make-up (a must if I don’t want to frighten or upset those that encounter me throughout the day)
  • Dry and style my hair (and by style, I mean brush)
  • Find something in my closet to wear that fits, is clean, and isn’t too frumpy.
  • Try to find a pair of shoes that go with this hopefully frump-free outfit. Most days, I can find one shoe but not a pair.
  • Make a quick wheat & sugar-free breakfast and lunch.
  • Look for my keys, sunglasses, purse, and reading material (I ALWAYS have to have something to read)
  • Jump in my car and drive the 15 miles to work (it takes 30 minutes with all the traffic but who’s counting?  I have 24 hours in the day.  Right!).
  • Get to the garage at my work and cross my fingers that I will get a parking place.
  • Realize I will not be getting a decent spot so I venture to the dreaded OTHER garage.
  • I get lost in the OTHER garage (another 10 minutes lost but, oh no,  I am not counting)
  • Lumber into work and have 8 to 11 hours of crazy and constant work.
  • Lumber out of work.
  • Go to the pharmacy and pick up prescriptions and fight with the checker since they did not run my insurance which made my purchase triple the amount it should be.
  • Because of the stress of the incorrect charge, subsequent voided sale, and the ultimate re-ring of my items, I grab some chocolate and have it added to my items to purchase.
  • I get dirty looks from the other people in line ESPECIALLY after I add the chocolate!
  • Pick up boys at MIL’s
  • Go to HEB for food for dinner while fending off all the requests my boys throw at me (ya know, the request for candy, cookies, chips etc.)
  • Manage to get through the express lane even though it is anything but express (if you can’t count to ten then you shouldn’t have a job, or get a paycheck because you can’t count as well as most 3 year-olds)
  • Get home and try to check the mail but a wasp has taken residence on my mailbox.
  • Dodge neighborhood kids as they storm my car asking if my boys can play WHILE I AM DRIVING.
  • Stumble into the house and read my mail only to discover that the home owner association deems the one weed in my flower bed is one too many for our pristine and exclusive neighborhood (Never mind that they are trying to build a low-income housing dump on our street)!
  • Ignore the messy house and the load of laundry I should be doing, and I change into my pj’s, talk to my wonderful boys until dad comes home.
  • Talk to dad while he makes dinner.
  • Eat dinner
  • Wrangle the boys into showers and ultimately, into bed.
  • Watch one or two TV shows.
  • Look around at the messy house.
  • Sigh loudly  (A clean house is overrated).
  • Go to bed hopefully before midnight so I can get up early to workout (yeah right!)

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Don’t be surprised, if the next time you see me, I am bald. I need a HUGE push!

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