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Weekends are supposed to be relaxing and stress free.  Correct?  Well, mine are becoming more stressful than my workdays.  Since work is uber-stressful, that is saying a lot!  I am still one who lives in fantasy land for the most part.  Call it optimism or a positive outlook.  I rush through the week trying to get to the weekend.  I envision relaxing, sleeping late, enjoying time with the family.  I get to do those things sometimes but lately not so much.

This weekend is a good example of my failed attempt to have a REAL weekend.  First off, I worked late on Friday.  Who does that? Dumb.  I then rushed to pick up my boys who were at their grandmas (my MIL).  I then dump Chuck off at my mom’s so I can get to a doctor’s appointment for Jesse at 5 p.m.  This appointment is to discuss some ADD/Anxiety issues Jesse is having.  Lets just say that this appointment was VERY stressful (more about this later).  Ultimately, it was a good appointment but I was so drained emotionally afterward that I was ready for bed and it was only 6 p.m.  No time for rest, I had to go back to my mom’s to pick up Chuck for a birthday party!  Whew!  Bill, Jesse, and I had dinner, picked up Chuck, went home and I fell asleep on the couch. What a happening Friday night!

Saturday saw me getting up early to go to work for a few hours to catch up on the ginormous pile of work I am behind on!  I took the boys with me thinking they could watch a movie and stay out of my way.  Surprise!  I was wrong.  They were very good but they are little boys and an office is not the right  environment for them.  Heck, on a Saturday, the office is not the right environment for me either!  We managed and made it home by 6.  Date night started shortly after.  We dropped the boys off at my MIL’s and me and Bill stayed in and watched Netflix and ate fajitas.  Bless his heart, I had nothing left to give my hubby.  I fell asleep on the sofa again.  I am a peach of a date!  Saturday night and I am ready for bed at 8!!

Sunday started shaky.  I was getting ready for an early birthday party and I couldn’t find anything that I had bought for the party! I had bought a gift card but I couldn’t find it. When I finally did, I couldn’t remember the denomination I had bought.  It was great to tell the birthday girl that she either have $20 or $25 dollars on her gift card to spend! Nice and embarrassing!!  The party was great and the boys were able to explore their feminine side singing karaoke and Barbie’s!  We reluctantly left because I had a huge amount of domestic things to do before work the next day.  It was a bumpy ride heading home because the skies opened up and it RAINED like crazy.  Despite the crazy rain, I decided to go check on my mom who just had surgery.  Bless her heart too, she was soooo stir crazy.  Since I was just a tired blob, I don’t think I was much company.  I probably drug her down even more!!

We left y moms and finally made it home!  I was looking forward to getting everything ready for the coming week and then hitting the hay.  I put my pjs on and I hunkered down to get stuff done.  Just as I was getting into my groove, my wonderful hubby then informed me that we were due at his moms at 6.  I nearly screamed!  Instead, I silently took my pjs off and put decent clothes back on.  We had a great dinner but I could barely keep my eyes open and my head up. Soooo tired.  We make it through dinner, I come home put my pjs back on and I write this post.  Forget getting ready for the week, I am going to bed.  So what if it is only 8:30 p.m.?

Hopefully, next weekend will be relaxing.  Ha Ha!

Good night!!


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