Pampering – Sign me up!!

July 7, 2010 at 11:40 PM 1 comment

I have taken the week off and when I was planning my week I was determined to get some pampering in.  Originally, I was going to have the week off sans children.  I was going to get pampering in as well as work around the house done.  Ya know, organizing closets, tweaking my budget, trying to resuscitate my dying plants – important house stuff!  Well, the “no kids” part didn’t pan out.  No matter.  I can still have a good time and believe me I have!

I have had a few great days but today took the cake!  I started the morning off getting my hair highlighted by my phenomenal colorist, Uma.  She is many things to me.  She is my confidant, my colorist, and my real-life sister.  I know!!  I am very lucky!  I had a great time with her today.  My hair appointments haven’t always been so carefree.  There was a time when I would cringe and fuss the entire time she worked on me.  I was cranky, cold, and extremely tender headed.  I would b—& moan the WHOLE TIME. “I’m freezing!.”  “Can you heat up the color before you put it on my head?” “Ouch!” I said all these things and more.  I am sure I was a joy to work on!!  Well, today was different!  We realized that we may have found another benefit of my thyroid medication.  It relieves tender-headedness! Uma made the observation and I was quick to agree.  When I left the salon I felt and looked awesome!

Next on my list was shopping!  I looked around a lot but I ended up not buying anything at the mall.  It was more fun just to look and not worry about time.  I then went to Walmart.  Lets just say I DID buy some things there.  I am not a huge fan of Walmart but I cannot leave one of their stores empty-handed.  God knows I try but I have yet to do it!  Truth be told, I had to buy something.  We are celebrating my nephew’s 5th birthday this weekend.  His actual birthday is in November but it falls so close to Thanksgiving that his birthday kinda gets lost in the TG shuffle sooooo this year, my older sis is having a huge party for him in July.  Brilliant idea I must say!!  I get him a great gift and about $100.00 worth of other stuff before I leave the store.  Don’t ask me what else I bought because it was a bunch of stuff I really do not need.  What Walmart trip would complete without a cart load full of stuff you THINK you need?

Next, my massage appt.!  Due to a scheduling misunderstanding, I was not massaged today!  What to do?  Do more shopping!  I went to Target and fetished over A LOT of bedding and clothes!  Once again I left the store with over $100.00 worth of stuff.  This time I needed each and every item I purchased.  Wink Wink.

I had some time so I decided to get a few mundane things done.  I went to pick up vitamins, mail some packages, and pick up some prescriptions on my way to my DELUXE Manicure/Pedicure.  OMG!!  My mani-pedi was soooo absolutely wonderful.  They exfoliated, massaged, rubbed, moisturized my arms, legs, feet, and hands.  They used warm towels and rocks.  I watched TV while a woman was doing my hands and a cute guy was doing my feet.  The mood was momentarily spoiled while I tried to explain that I didn’t want them to fool with my nasty toenail-less toe.  I lost the toenail on my right big toe after I ran a half-marathon but I couldn’t explain my situation well enough for them to understand.  They just looked confused and the poor guy kept trying to file and buff and paint my nub. Ugh!  I felt sorry for him! With that all, it was still a completely decadent and WONDERFUL experience.  I highly recommend it! My friend Shay gave me a gift card for this and I now OWE her big time.

My final stop was a visit with my mom who is recovering from surgery.  She is doing well but she is a little down since she is stuck in the house.  We talked and had a great time.  I left for home just as the skies decided to open up and pour rain.  After a frightful drive with a few curse words directed at doofus drivers, I arrived at my super clean home (the maid came yesterday), put my PJ’s on, grabbed my magazines and read in silence for an hour!  Pure and complete bliss!!

I have concluded that I could really get used to this!  The only things I didn’t do was lunch with the ladies, have a tennis lesson. or have some minor plastic surgery.  I might try all that next time I take a “ME” vacation from work!


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  • 1. Paula  |  July 8, 2010 at 10:36 AM

    Well deserved!!


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