I just don’t get it.

July 3, 2010 at 3:57 PM Leave a comment

Here is a list of just a few thing that I just don’t get.  It may because I am a little up there in age but I doubt it.  I haven’t understood these things for a long time.  Let me know if you agree or feel free to add to my list!

Dualies – especially ones that are only driven back and forth to work into a covered parking garage and never are used as a truck.

Rap – most of it anyway.

People who don’t thank you for holding the door open for them.

People who rush into an elevator before you can exit the elevator.

Eating coconut – yuck!

Spongebob Square Pants – why does it even exist?

People who seem to try to have black roots in their hair.

People who do not use their blinker, ooze into your lane, and then get mad when you honk at them!

Women who act like their life, husband, kid, car, home, and everything in their life is perfect when you mention how hard things are for you.  These same women then admit things are not so peachy when all hell breaks loose.  Just be honest from the beginning!

Men who can’t handle a strong woman and women who won’t give a nice guy a chance.

Beyoncé’s singing – too warbley

Disloyalty to other people to get ahead.

People who blow their nose at the table – gross!

Multitasking – it rarely works for me

Perpetually happy cheerful people – it freaks me out and seems unnatural – at least to me.

Enormous fake boobs.

Enormously muscled men and women – another unnatural thing

Extreme tanning

Driving in a lane that you know is ending but you choose to wait until the last second to get over and you cut people off!

Why people like the taste of seafood or beer.  At least beer gives you a buzz.  Seafood just smells bad.

People who are meanest to the people who are nice to them.

Women who want drama in their life and then want to complain about it.

White furniture or white carpet

Thongs – I am not a fan of wedgies and these make me feel as if I have a constant one.  I would rather panty lines.

Pedicures that make your toenails look like they need to be clipped.

Shopping in stilettos

The show Lost

Cats and cat people.

Bowties – except with tuxes

People that wear those giant ear piercings that look like plates progressively growing in size. – plastic surgeons probably like these because their reconstruction business will be good in a few years.

Women who were working moms who do not show any compassion to current working moms. – just evil in every way!

Men who think that everyone has a stay-at-home wife who takes care of  kids etc. – if only. Heck, I wish I had one too!

Nazi home owners associations and the Nazis who spy for them – I appreciate keeping the neighborhood nice but when they complain about a trampoline in your yard that you have never had or they tell you to pull weeds from your yard when they are your actual plants, then I have a problem – get a life.

People who ride motorcycles without helmets – scary.

Stinky cheese

And finally….People who dress to the nines while their kids are wearing high water pants!

Like I said, feel free to let me know if you agree are if you want to add to my list!


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Yeah, we are a little weird. Did someone say sandwich?

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