Yeah, we are a little weird.

June 29, 2010 at 12:52 AM 2 comments

I must preface this by saying I adore my boys!!!  They are my world but they are strange little beings.

There is nothing like having a visitor to your home to notice and shine a light on the absurdity of your family’s life.  I am weird and I know my hubby is a little weird.  Heck, we probably wouldn’t have hooked up if we weren’t both weird.  Odds are we would have somewhat weird offspring (unlike supermodels who mate – their kids tend to be non-supermodelish, “weird” seems to be passed on rather easily).  I just forget how weird we are until there is a witness to the insanity and I find myself having to explain what just happened.  Oddly enough, words fail me and I usually end up just saying, “Yeah, we are a little weird.”

Latest example – My wonderful Jesse has had huge allergy issues the last few days.  So much so, he is barfing up phlegm every night.  I  know, GROSS but, not atypical at my house.  Jesse has a long history with vomiting.  It started when he was born and he couldn’t suck or swallow like most babies.  That should have been my first clue that things would not be typical in our family.  Doesn’t EVERY baby know how to suck and swallow?  Well, apparently not.  Anyway, he didn’t really eat and hold down solid food until he was about 3.  About that time allergies came into the picture.  Many times Jesse would have to be picked up from school from sneezing and throwing up from too much phlegm production.  Yes, I know, TMI and gross on top of gross but, it is what it is.

Fast forward to tonight.  I have my niece visiting here for the week.  Jesse starts coughing and vomiting.  Typical night at the Crazy house.  Jesse goes into the bathroom, throws up, and comes out as if nothing happened.  He picks up talking where he left off because he is always talking and why let ralphing get in the way!.  Throwing up doesn’t really faze him.  As a matter of fact, it doesn’t really faze any of us EXCEPT, the normal one, my niece.  Jesse is so cool about it that when he notices my niece is so NOT cool about it, he finds an opportunity and he decides to start cracking some jokes.  A true preformer!  A few jokes about being in the bathroom for a while, “Can you get me a chair” and a couple of “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” jokes are thrown. He might as well said, ” Thank you, I will be here all week!”

I look over at my 19 year-old niece and she looks completely horrified and concerned.  I realize how absurd and absolutely weird this scene probably looks to anyone who may be watching and I feel a need to explain.  After ten minutes of trying, I realize that there is no way to explain how something so bizarre is totally normal to our family.  So I sigh and say, “Yeah, we are a little weird.” Bless her heart, she smiles and agrees. : )


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  • 1. Chrissy  |  June 29, 2010 at 3:24 PM


  • 2. Paula  |  July 2, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    If you guys are “weird” – sign me up – allergies are beyond our control – your children’s sweet and lovely personalities are priceless!!


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