I’ve heard of a taste for blood, but chocolate?

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Leroy loungingI have mentioned my two wonderful boys but I must tell you, I also have another little one in my life.  He is a furry little dog named Leroy.  He is an adorable Chihuahua / Dachshund mix.  He is a very important part of the family.  My husband might disagree with me after the grief Leroy has caused us lately but, he is my third baby.

We met Leroy almost two years ago at a Petco store.  We were there to do some favor for my sister who was having her dog bordered there.  The store happened to have shelter dogs there for adoption.  We had previously had a beagle/ German Shepherd/Something else mix that we had to put down five years earlier to meeting Leroy.

Although Bill and I had casually discussed getting a new dog, we never seriously discussed it.  Seeing all the shelter dogs that day made me realize that I was ready for another dog.  The boys on the other hand were kinda scared of most dogs.  They barely remember our deceased dog and they hadn’t been around gentle dogs.

As a family, we looked around at the dogs.  That is when I saw a brown little dog.  He was absolutely adorable.  He was calm and sweet so they boys liked him.   I sat on the ground to get a better look at him and he crawled into my lap, curled up into a ball, and sighed.  It was love at first sight for both of us.

After much debate, we convinced Doc to let us adopt him and we have never looked back.  Leroy has been the perfect dog for me.  He is small, housebroken, and a loving lap dog.

Leroy has been pretty much perfect except for some recent issues.  He has  developed an addiction and it may end up killing him.  Leroy is a chocoholic.  As you know chocolate is not good for dogs, especially small dogs!  It can kill them.

We never worried about leaving packages of food or chocolate out because Leroy was not one to get into things.  Unfortunately, that all changed one night after Mother’s Day.  Doc left a half-eaten candy bar out on our coffee table overnight.  The next morning, I awoke to Leroy jumping and moaning.  He seemed like he was on something.  Well, he was!  Chocolate!

Leroy had got into the candy bar that had been left out and he ate a lot!  After rushing him to the vet and paying close to $1000 dollars in vet bills, medicine, etc. Leroy was fine.  Since that time, he has gotten into chocolate 3 more times!  He got into a CLOSED cookie package with chocolate cookies.  He got into a school book bag with a chocolate fund-raiser bar, and he has into a Ghiradelli baking chocolate chip bag.  He is hooked!  We could not afford more vet visits so we tried some gross home remedies.  They have seemed to work but this is ridiculous.  He has a problem so WE have a problem.

Now, when I eat chocolate, he gazes at the chocolate like a smoker gazes at a cigarette he can’t have.  He sits and waits for any chocolate morsel to fall when the boys eat Oreos.  He sniffs my hands if they have chocolate on them. Leroy’s got it bad.

I expect a lot of different things to happen with a dog in the house but chocolate addiction was not one of those things.  Like I said, I have heard of a taste for blood, but for chocolate!?


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