Geeze! Are we done yet? Part 2.

May 21, 2010 at 9:32 PM 1 comment

After I explained how chaotic our life is during the school year yesterday, I thought it would only be fitting to explain how a typical day goes during the summer.  Feel free to compare.

  • Mom gets up too early and goes to work.
  • Dad wakes up the boys around 7ish.
  • Children stumble downstairs around 7:30.
  • Boys complain about lack of breakfast choices
  • Dad says, “No biggie.  You can eat breakfast at Grandma’s”
  • Boys complain about what to watch on TV while waiting for dad to get ready for work.
  • Dad lets them argue.
  • Boys are excited to go to grandma’s so they forget about arguing about the TV.
  • Boys quietly watch TV in their pajamas.
  • Boys stumble upstairs to brush teeth, wash face, and get dressed.
  • 30 minutes later the boys are still undressed because they do not like the clothes they have to choose from.
  • Boys fight about how uncool their clothes are.
  • Dad says, “No biggie.  You can wear whatever you want.  You are just going to Grandma’s”
  • One boy complains about the fact that he does not have “sport” shorts to wear.
  • Dad grabs a pair of not-too-dirty sports shorts off the floor and hands to boy. Dad says, “No biggie. You are just going to Grandma’s”
  • Finally, after they are dressed in mismatched, holey, odd clothes they realize they cannot find their shoes, and/or socks.
  • Dad says, “No biggie. You can wear flip-flops. You are just going to Grandma’s” or Dad says, “No biggie. You don’t have to wear socks.  You are just going to Grandma’s”.
  • On the way out the door, one of the boys realizes that he forgot to brush his teeth.
  • Dad says, “No biggie. You are just going to Grandma’s”
  • Eventually, they make it to grandma’s and everyone realizes that both of them forgot to brush their hair. No one cares.
  • On most days, a couple of hours later mom or dad get a phone call from the boys asking if they can go to a  certain movie. Grandma wants to make sure it is okay.
  • A few hours later either mom or dad get a call from Jesse because he wants to know if he can have more than two cookies from grandma’s cookie jar.
  • Mom says, “Sure”
  • Mom gets off from work and drives to Grandma’s in the afternoon. Grandma is waiting there with a Diet Coke and a couple of cookies for mom.
  • Grandma and mom talk for a little while.
  • The boys jump into the car and we discuss if we should go for a walk, go swimming, go to a movie, go shopping, go rent a movie, play in the yard, eat a snack, watch cartoons, play a game, etc.
  • Boys fight about what to do but eventually all agree.
  • Mom and kids do activity and have fun.
  • Boys venture off and play legos, play video games, ride their bikes, read a book etc.
  • Mom relaxes by either, reading, watching TV, working out, calling a friend, calling her hubby, doing something crafty, etc.
  • Dad comes home and everyone goofs off together.
  • Dad begins to cook dinner.
  • Phone rings and it is a mother of a friend of Jesse’s.  She just wants to chat.
  • We begin to say how much fun this summer has been.  We talk about vacations.
  • Get off the phone and eat dinner.  Everyone eats and talks about their day.
  • Finish dinner.  eat dessert and the boys run off and play again.
  • Dad and mom linger at the table and talk about nothing and everything.
  • Call the boys in and tell them it is time for baths.
  • Boys whine because they don’t want to come in or take baths.
  • Boys come in and their faces are stained with purple, orange with sweat and dirt.
  • One of their shirts has blood on it and the other has a scrape on his elbow.
  • Neither know how the blood and scrape got there.
  • Neither one thinks they are dirty and they do not want to take a bath.
  • Boys complain about baths.
  • Dad decides that baths can wait.  Dad thinks, No biggie. You are just going to Grandma’s tomorrow.
  • Boys go upstairs to go to bed.
  • Boys come downstairs for hugs.
  • Boys come downstairs for water.
  • Boys come downstairs for kisses.
  • Boys finally go to bed.
  • Grandma calls and asks what I did today. Tell grandma we had fun playing.
  • Grandma invites us over tomorrow.  I agree to go because we have no real plans (no homework to worry about).
  • Mom and Dad have a great conversation and watch their favorite movie or show before going to bed.
  • Mom and Dad discover boys not asleep in their bedroom.  Boys are asleep in Mom and Dad’s bed.
  • Mom moves little one to his bed.
  • Dad wakes up big one and walks him to his bed.
  • Mom and Dad talk for a few minutes, cuddle, and fall asleep, and then wake up to alarm.
  • Alarm goes off.
  • Mom gets up too early and goes to work.
  • Dad wakes up late, quickly rounds up the boys, throws them in the car and drives them to grandma’s.
  • On the way there boys let dad know that they are not dressed, haven’t brushed their teeth, haven’t taken a bath, haven’t eaten breakfast, and they don’t have their shoes.
  • Dad says, “No biggie. You are just going to Grandma’s” !

Ahhh… good times!


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Geeze! Are we done yet? Passive Aggressive Anyone?

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  • 1. Paula  |  May 25, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Good times, indeed!! Really your blog is ALWAYS a good time for me.


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