Geeze! Are we done yet?

May 20, 2010 at 5:33 PM 1 comment

We are approaching that time of the year – the end of the school year.  For some this brings utter panic. They envision kids running around, screaming, and destroying things.  For me, I see utter bliss.  I envision freedom from homework and reaping all the positives that come with the absence of homework.

The reason I have begun to love the summer break and dread the school year is because school has become very stressful for our family. This stress threw me for a loop because it is much different from my school experience. I was a pretty good student when I was in school. Everyday, my mom would pick me up. I would come home, have a snack, do my homework, and play for the rest of the night.  There was very little drama. That is not the case in our house!

A typical day during the school year involves the following:

  • Mom gets up too early and goes to work.
  • Dad wakes up the boys around 6ish.
  • Children stumble downstairs around 6:30.
  • Boys complain about lack of breakfast choices
  • Boys complain about what to watch on TV while eating breakfast
  • Boys complain about going to school
  • Each boy complains about how irritated he is at how his brother is chewing his breakfast.
  • Boys stumble upstairs to brush teeth, wash face, and get dressed.
  • 30 minutes later the boys are still undressed because they do not like the clothes they have to choose from.
  • Boys fight about how uncool their clothes are.
  • One boy complains about the fact that he does not have “sport” shorts to wear.
  • Finally, after they are dressed they realize they cannot find their shoes, socks, and/or backpack, etc.
  • On the way out the door, one of the boys realizes that he forgot to do some of his homework, pack his snack, or brush his teeth.
  • Somehow, they make it to the bus stop and they jump on the bus and everyone realizes that both of them forgot to brush their hair.
  • On most days, a couple of hours later mom or dad get a phone call from the school letting them know one of their children is either, sick, vomiting, or forgot their homework, permission slip, or library book.
  • A few hours later either mom or dad get a call from Jesse because he is mad that we didn’t remind him that he had to do some computer assignment that wasn’t on any of their homework logs or we forgot to sign something that was shoved down into the bottom of his book bag. We are told the teacher is mad at us, the parents, for not doing this. On the psychic abilities test, both dad and mom receive a failing grade.
  • Mom gets off from work and drives to the bus stop in the afternoon. Grandpa is waiting there to pick up the boys because mom and dad forgot to tell him that mom was going to pick the boys up today.  He scowls at mom and then speeds off.
  • The boys tumble out of the bus and they begin to tell mom all the bad things that happened on the bus – swearing, bullying and scuffles. They then tattle on each other and explain how much they were a part of the bullying, swearing, and scuffles.
  • Upon entering the house the boys begin to beg to play instead of doing homework. 30 minutes later boys and mom start homework.
  • After listening to the boys complain about the injustice of homework, mom begins to try to help with the homework.
  • Mom begins to complain about the injustices of homework.
  • Heads are scratched. Pencils are broken.  Words are exchanged.
  • Dad begins to complain about the injustices of homework.
  • Mom tries to figure out how to help boys with homework – homework is difficult. Mom gets confused.
  • Phone rings and it is a mother of a student in Jesse’s class.  She is confused too.
  • We begin to complain about the injustices of homework.
  • Get off the phone, pause working on homework, and eat dinner that dad made.
  • Begin homework again.  Finally finish.  Boys swear that they have no other homework.
  • Boys whine because now it is time for baths.
  • Boys take shower with music playing loudly. Mom and Dad too tired to complain. They just grin and bear it while “Stayin’ Alive” from the Bee Gees echoes throughout the house.
  • Boys go upstairs to go to bed after an hour of complaining.
  • Boys come downstairs for hugs
  • Boys come downstairs for water
  • Boys come downstairs for kisses
  • Boys finally go to bed.
  • Grandma calls and asks what I did today. Tell grandma about our ordeal.
  • Grandma complains about the injustices of homework.
  • Mom and Dad manage a few minutes of quiet before they head up to bed.
  • Mom and Dad discover boys not asleep in their bedroom.  Boys are asleep in Mom and Dad’s bed.
  • Mom moves little one to his bed.
  • Dad wakes up big one and walks him to his bed.
  • Mom and Dad talk for a few minutes, fall asleep, and wake up to alarm.
  • Alarm goes off.
  • Mom gets up too early and goes to work.



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What if your child has it a little harder than his brother? Geeze! Are we done yet? Part 2.

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  • 1. Paula  |  May 20, 2010 at 8:00 PM

    I LOVE IT – and it so so true – you are a very gifted writer!


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