Too sick to work?

April 19, 2010 at 2:35 AM Leave a comment

I find myself with this dilemna all too often.  Am I sick enough to make staying home from work worth it?  This week I definitely was too sick to work but I really had to fight the urge to go in to the office.  Yeah, it surprising considering how much I love my job. Ha! Why did I have to fight the urge to go in?  Sure, I will be further behind in my work and I felt guilty having my friends filling in for me, but it was more than that.  I think for all the supportive rhetoric, Megacorp is like most large companies – they want you to be at work.  Heck, they don’t even have allocated sick days.  You get paid for days you are out sick BUT if you are never sick, you never get to appreciate that perk.  Many companies pay you if you do not use your sick days.

I firmly believe the reason I get sick so often is because I choose to go into work when I am sick. I never allow myself to recover. I have to be on deaths door before I will humiliate myself and call my boss. Lets just say he is not what I would call supportive.  I know is partly my issues at work that make me feel this way but I swear Bubba (my boss) makes me feel like I am a “bad girl”! Because of this, I find my sick old self going into work dragging a tub of Purel hand sanitizer, a box of Vicks infused Puffs Plus tissues, and the strongest Halls cough drops they make. That must make a great visual to those watching me come into work.  I always get curious looks from those around me as I stumble through the hallways with my stash. If I don’t look sick enough, the hospital-like stench of my office will keep the office workers away.  Hey, I am beginning to see the positives of this situation!!  I will play up the sick role and that will keep everyone away. What do you know?  Tomorrow might not be too bad after all!

I guess I am a bad girl.


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Sometimes a girl needs to slack. My Girt

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