What the heck is going on today?

April 5, 2010 at 10:30 PM 1 comment

I swear if it wasn’t daylight, I would think there was a full moon outside!  My day has been nothing but a comedy of errors.  First, I overslept big time.  Secondly, I get all the way to work (at least 15 miles) before I realize I left my work computer at home.  I turn around, go home,  and come all the way back to work.  I pull up to the garage and I realize I have lost my work entry badge in my suitcase-sized purse.  I work for a company that takes Fort Knox like security measures soooo  I cannot enter the garage, much less look at another employee, until I have my badge.  At that moment I wish that the retinal scan technology had made it to our company.  I finally find the badge after the third person pulls up behind me at the gate.  Luckily, I only get two evil looks from the three.  I knew one of the drivers so I just got a knowing look from her.  The understanding employee knows my life is close to utter chaos so, she is cool.  Maybe at the time she thinks my “going postal” moment might come sooner than later if she, too, gives me a hard time.  Who knows?

I get in the elevator and, not surprisingly,  I notice I am looking pretty ragged.  At that moment I remember that I forgot to wear concealer.  I mentally prepare myself for the “Are you feeling okay?” questions that will come all day long because when I don’t wear makeup, everyone thinks I am near death.  Oh well!  Oh, but wait!  I start to  get giddy thinking that looking bad might work in my favor!  It may keep people away long enough for me to get some work done.  Ha!  WRONG!.

I get to my office and the drama starts immediately! Long story short, I find out that the following things can actually keep highly educated people (we are talking PhD’s) from functioning in a work environment:

1. Bird poop on the outside of their window

2. Their office is 78 degrees not 77 degrees.

3. A misspelling on their badge.  Forget the fact that no one can spell their name because there are no vowels in it.

4. The pen they are using is not .5mm but it is an unacceptable, and tragic .7mm.

AND my favorite!

5. They can’t handle their office neighbors perfume but their body odor is perfectly fine!

Ahh..what a day.  And that was only the first few hours.


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My children scare me.

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  • 1. Paula  |  April 5, 2010 at 11:09 PM

    How funny! And true – you are a wonderful writer!!


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