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A new diet, a new life?

I have been on a long journey to get back to myself for about 3 years.  Sure, “myself “was a little crazy but it was me.  I haven’t been “me” for a long time.  I kinda liked “me”.  No one would say  I was perfect but they would say I was uniquely Stacie.  I miss “me”!  Because of this, I sought a way to get back to my quirky self.  Lord, what a ride it has been!

This trip has been a trip from the start. My journey has taken me to endless hours in the gym.  It has seen me through a half marathon, countless doctors, countless eating plans, thousands of dollars, shampoos, medicines, books, web sites, help desks, and prayers.  Through all this, I came out empty-handed.  I was a little overweight, a little depressed, a lot of cranky, and completely defeated.

I decided to try one more thing.  I have tried a holistic approach and I think it might be helping me.  I have been on a yeast and artificial additive free eating plan for one full week.  I feel pretty good but I noticed one thing that has really given me hope.  My wrists and ankles are no longer marshmallow-like. I know it sounds a little lame to be cheering that my ghostly white puffy feet are now normal ghostly white feet!  Keep in mind, it is the first amount of progress I have seen in a long time and it almost made me cry.  I will keep reveal more about the plan and I will you posted on my progress.  Wish me luck!

BTW….Diet Cokes are verboten on this plan.  Just my luck!

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So, you are ready to start dating?

I have two wonderful people in my life who think they are ready to date.  They asked my advice and it has made me really think about dating.  I, for one, am NOT ready to date.  My husband is sure to like that news!  No, I am out of the dating pool forever.  But talking about dating is funny when you haven’t done it in many years.

One person, Monica,  is newly divorced and I really think she is ready to jump out there and have a little fun.  She had been with her ex for so long;  she is worried she is possibly out of practice.  Having said that, I think she would be a GREAT date.  I know the guys who get to hang with her will really have a fantastic time.  Who cares if it leads to something huge? I know dating gets a bad rap, but it should be fun.  If it isn’t, what’s the point?  It isn’t hard for me to nudge her and tell her to “Go for It!”  Go on a few dates!

On the other hand, it is hard to tell someone that they are not ready. When you are related to this person; it is even harder.  How do you tell someone you love that there is no way in hell they should think about dating right now! He is sweet, cute, and very kind but there is no way I am going to encourage him to “go for it”.  He has thought that he was ready for a while.  It is getting harder and harder to discourage him.  To him, it doesn’t matter that the girls he knows are rude, and immature.  He still wants to go to a movie and wine and dine them.  It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have a job or any money.  He thinks he is a stud that has a lot to offer.  I can’t argue with some of this.  He does have a lot to offer and the girl who finally does get to go out with him will be treated well. He will be a great date and a fantastic boyfriend.  There is only one problem.  This wanna-be dater is my 9-year old son, Jesse!

Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it.  My 9 year-old wants to date and he has wanted to date since he was 5!  Needless to say, I will discourage him from dipping his foot in the dating pool.  I WILL encourage my friend to go out there and have a blast!  As a word of advice, I will tell her to lock up her 8-year-old daughter. My Jesse is single and ready to mingle!

Update:  Monica is happily dating and Jesse is happily NOT!

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Fearless versus scared to death

You have two children. Both are incredibly smart.  Both are so painfully cute.  And both could not be more different.  It goes way beyond the physical differences.

My 9-year-old (Jesse), has the Irish build of his grandfather.  He is adorably stout with bright blue eyes and dirty blond hair.  He is a little Einstein who has to be convinced to do something physical. He is reasonable and super sweet. You cannot convince him to go against his better judgement. Chuck, my 7-year-old, is a tiny, dark blue-eyed, powerhouse.  He is a monkey who cannot stop moving. He has dark blond hair and he looks just like his German grandfather. He is super silly and completely stubborn!  Nothing, I repeat, nothing, will stop him from doing something he wants to do.

At times their differences are fascinating and wonderful and at other times the differences are painful and heartbreaking. This couldn’t have been more obvious than this past weekend.  Jesse and Chuck were determined to learn how to finally ride their bikes without training wheels.  Jesse is an analytical boy and he approached the task like a scientist.  He thought about the physics involved and the probability of falling.  He measured the distance from the seat to the ground and determined that his legs were too short.  After all things considered, he decided that it would be unsafe to try to ride training wheel-less at this time. When we tried to push him to try he declared the he couldn’t.  He was scared to death.

While all this was going on, Chuck grabbed his bike, tried a couple of times (fell a couple of times) and then rode his bike down the street without training wheels.  Before my husband and I realized what just happened, Chuck was riding along totally oblivious to the dangers of riding a bike in the street. Fearless!

I am overjoyed that Chuck is fearless and my heart breaks that Jesse is scared to death.  What a happy medium would occur if they each could have a little bit of both – a healthy dose of caution but a fearless spirit.

As I watch Jesse study his brother as he rides down the street I realize that they each have a lot to teach each other.  I remember how not too long ago Jesse taught Chuck how to read because it was something cool Jesse knew how to do and Chuck wanted to learn.  The same thing will happen with riding a two-wheeler, but this time Chuck will be the teacher of something cool. That is fantastic and THAT makes me smile.

This wasn’t the first time something like this has happened and  know it won’t be the last.  When their differences cause some discomfort for either of them, I will remember this day.  Hopefully, I will be wise enough to smile then too!

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My Girt

I have found this wonderful invention.  I call it the Girt.  That is definitely not the REAL name of the product but my name is much better.  One morning I was getting ready and I was not pleased with the triple roll effect on my mid section.  I remembered I had a bought a new shirt/girdle.  It looks like a shirt and the top and the bottom but the mid section is super girdle-like.

On this particular day, I try it on and I am shocked!  It took my triple roll and smoothed it totally out.  I actually looked like I did pre-babies.  Nice!  All day long everyone asked me if I had lost weight.  It was fantastic.  Those same people probably sighed when they saw my tripled roll self the next day. Oh well.  There was only one thing I could do.

I went back to the store and bought a Girt in every color!

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Too sick to work?

I find myself with this dilemna all too often.  Am I sick enough to make staying home from work worth it?  This week I definitely was too sick to work but I really had to fight the urge to go in to the office.  Yeah, it surprising considering how much I love my job. Ha! Why did I have to fight the urge to go in?  Sure, I will be further behind in my work and I felt guilty having my friends filling in for me, but it was more than that.  I think for all the supportive rhetoric, Megacorp is like most large companies – they want you to be at work.  Heck, they don’t even have allocated sick days.  You get paid for days you are out sick BUT if you are never sick, you never get to appreciate that perk.  Many companies pay you if you do not use your sick days.

I firmly believe the reason I get sick so often is because I choose to go into work when I am sick. I never allow myself to recover. I have to be on deaths door before I will humiliate myself and call my boss. Lets just say he is not what I would call supportive.  I know is partly my issues at work that make me feel this way but I swear Bubba (my boss) makes me feel like I am a “bad girl”! Because of this, I find my sick old self going into work dragging a tub of Purel hand sanitizer, a box of Vicks infused Puffs Plus tissues, and the strongest Halls cough drops they make. That must make a great visual to those watching me come into work.  I always get curious looks from those around me as I stumble through the hallways with my stash. If I don’t look sick enough, the hospital-like stench of my office will keep the office workers away.  Hey, I am beginning to see the positives of this situation!!  I will play up the sick role and that will keep everyone away. What do you know?  Tomorrow might not be too bad after all!

I guess I am a bad girl.

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